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Sole Designer
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“Influences” was an independently developed board game I worked on at the end of my senior year at Bradley University. It combines three exciting gameplay elements into a single, unique package: territorial control, shifting alliances, and a board that’s built as the game is played.

Each player in Influences has a traditional two-axis alignment: some combination of Lawful or Chaotic, and Good or Evil. Each one of those four units scores points as the game is played (typically by taking over territory). The game ends when one of those four elements – Lawful, Chaotic, Good or Evil – gets 9 points. At that point, TWO players will win: the two players that shared that alignment element.

In this way, players may ally themselves with one another to score points for the parts of their alignment they share in common – for example, the Chaotic-Good player may team up with the Chaotic-Evil player – but as alignments gain and lose points, players may find that suddenly it makes more sense to ally other factions!

Finally, the game board is built out of hexagonal tiles, and at the start of each round, before territory is fought over, each player places a new tile to the game board. And so, the board is gradually expanded upon as the game is played, with new opportunities for a strategic advantage around every corner.

Influences has tested exceptionally well, and I am currently searching for a suitable publisher for it.