Near Miss (Global Game Jam 2015)

Standalone Unity Game
Systems and Mechanics Designer, Programmer
Team Size:

During the 2015 Global Game Jam, I collaborated with a friend to develop “Near Miss,” a small action-puzzle game with a simple goal: destroy all the spherical creatures using elemental attacks. There’s just one catch: while the elemental blasts will destroy some of the enemies, in the center, it’ll also make other nearby enemies immune to that element. You must pay careful attention to the immunities that the enemies have acquired, or else you might make a super-enemy that’s immune to every attack at your disposal!

The game was completed in less than 48 hours (the time limit for the game jam). My teammate and I collaborated on the high-concept of the game. From there, I worked on the UI and gameplay programming, including: simple AI behaviors, elemental attacks and effects, and win/lose-state detection. My partner produced all of the art assets.