Valahär's Diamonds

Tabletop Deck-Builder Card Game
Sole Designer
Team Size:

During the 2014-2015 school year, I took on a solo side project to create a deck-building card game, after having played several deck-builders myself, and finding that I really enjoyed the genre.

“Valahär’s Diamonds” is about the city of Valahär, which stumbles across a diamond mine and becomes unfathomably wealthy. But, as a result, the city attracts a hoard of monsters and outlaws. To stave off this threat, the city begins offering diamonds as payment for their growing list of monster and outlaw bounties. The players assume the role of various mercenaries, who have come to the city to claim these bounties, and amass fortune and fame.

Much like traditional deck-builders like Ascension, a row of face-up cards is available in the center of the board. Certain cards can be purchased to make the player’s deck stronger, and others – bounties – can be defeated to claim rewards, the most notable reward being diamonds, which are the win condition.

Certain cards synergize with one another: simultaneously playing cards with similar affinities allow both cards to unlock additional effects. It’s up to the player’s personal play style and strategy, as to what kinds of cards to build into their deck.